How to recruit together with your team

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Johanna Bjurhammar

Talk to your hiring team throughout the recruiting process to make your recruitment more efficient and avoid miscommunications. Ask your team members for a comment about a candidate, invite them to join an interview or discuss the recruitment in general. Get some inspiration on how you can communicate efficiently in your tool 🎈

Ping your colleagues

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Through @mention in the candidate's profile you can easily notify your colleagues that you need their attention. You can follow the thread between you and the hiring team under Activity in the candidate's profile. There you can exchange thoughts and inform your team members about your opinions about the candidate. 


Rate and score your candidates


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To get a good overview of the candidate you can make reviews in the candidate's profile. After you and your teammembers have added reviews and ratings, the system will show an average of your ratings, creating a total that displays the entire team's opinions. With your reviews and scorecards, you can add a comment for the hiring team to see. That way you can explain how you reasoned when you made your reviewing and avoid any unclarities.


Chat with your team through Collaborate

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In the Collaborate section you’re able to discuss subjects regarding the recruitment in general. Give each other advice, acknowledge the team about crucial matters in the process or chat about your progress. If there is something you need the whole team to take part of you can choose to pin your message, that way the note will be attached to the top of the board for everyone to see.


 Share candidates with people outside of your hiring team

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If you want a second opinion about a candidate by someone who is not part of the hiring team you can share the candidate with them (for example with a CEO or someone you want to approve the candidate). You choose which information you want to share. The person who receives the candidate will be able to leave comments for you to see in the candidates profile. So even people who are not part of the hiring team can help you recruit the right candidates.

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