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Before the summer I wrote a post about our career site updates, and I ended with what we were looking forward to. 

Looking forward 👀
And lastly, we want to give you a glance of what’s to come. Instead of pushing updates that affects the career sites in general, we’re working on giving you a wide range of new layout options. Say, for example, you want a text section that is divided into two columns instead of one, or a left side folded navigation instead of the whole page — it´s your choice — you’re in control. Were going to give you a bunch of new options. Sounds good? Yeah, we think so too. 🎈

Summer has past and we have been focusing to simplify our site editor as a step on the way to put you in control. The code behind has been rebuild from the ground up, making it faster and easier to use. From the outside point of view, you will be familiar with the editor. In general we have clarified it by separating the content from design/layout. We also removed the header, giving you more space to focus and viewing your site. All this to prepare for a bunch of new sections and their layout options.

Giving our users a wide range of options when creating their career site is something we look forward to. As a starter we added the possibility to add unlimited text sections. And a completely new section — gallery. Stay tuned for more. 🤗

We hope that this improved editor is of great help to our users with their employer branding. For more deep insight, please check out our help article.

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