Introducing Interview Kits 🎉

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Valérie Downey

One of the most exciting parts of working so closely with our customers is hearing what kinds of requests you have to create unique solutions that optimises recruitment, always putting the candidate first. 
The result this time? Interview Kits! 
This kit completes all parts of the interview process to help you keep your process consistent, collaborative, and candidate-centric. Adopt this kit into your process to:
✅ Improve interviews for candidates
👊 Make it much easier to collaborate and work together throughout the interview process, no matter how many are a part of your team
💯 Make sure all candidates are treated equally

How does an Interview Kit work? 

An interview kit is made up of interview instructions, questions, and a
scorecard to add skills and qualities when interviewing a candidate 🤝 You can create as many interview kits and customise them to your needs. You may need one for every stage of the process, or just add kits for specific stages or roles – up to you! 
Let’s say, for example, that you’re hiring a product designer. By creating an interview kit for the first interview in this role, anyone who is part of the hiring process for this role will all be coordinated and in-the-loop about what qualities are being sought and how to conduct the interview.
This helps you give all candidates a fair recruitment process and keep communication with your team smooth. The better the communication internally, the better the candidate experience. Win-win!
There are three relevant areas for interview kit to make sure you make the most of this new feature and get set up:

1. Settings: Under “Applicant Tracking” 

Here you will find all of your interview kits. Click on “Interview kits” under “Applicant tracking” settings. Create your first interview kit by giving it a unique name and add instructions for recruiters to help them know what to focus on during the interview process. Then, create questions that you want the interviewer to ask the candidate, and add personality traits and skillsets that are necessary for this role in order to be able to gauge candidates. 

app.teamtailor.com_companies_7-X6iPY_gUI_settings_interview-kits_9_editClick on “Add kit.” Now your team has all the necessary information for the interview and you’re good to go 🤓

2. Creating a new job

Now that you have your interview kit set up, you can add it when you set up a job, under “Jobs.” We’ve tweaked the last step in creating a job from “Scorecards to “Interview kits” in order to create a more comprehensive approach to the interview process.

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 16.27.34

Here, you can add multiple kits to the stages you set up for this job. 

3. Candidate card

Now, you’re ready to meet the candidate. When you open the candidate card prior to the interview, you can find your interview kits for this position under the tab “Interview kits” (this was previously called Scorecards”). Click on “Leave feedback” to find the guidelines and questions for the interview, and leave feedback after the interview 📝 You can always go back and edit your feedback. 


Everyone in the hiring team for this job can leave feedback, and your team’s feedback will be visible on the
left hand side of the candidate card. 
So, without further ado, start creating your interview kits today to create a consistent interview process that flows, brings your teamwork to the next level, and improves the way you treat all candidates 👏
Happy recruiting, and let us know if you have any questions!


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