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Only the best for the world’s best users ❤️ Our product team has completely revamped your job report to ensure you and your team have the best data and features to hire efficiently, and invest your time and resources in the right place. 

You can find your new report in Teamtailor right now. Go to a job ad and click Analytics to see what's new. We've listed the biggest updates with the new report and we hope you'll love them as much as we do 🎉

Funnel & conversion rate

You can now optimize your job ad based on the data you accumulate from your applicants. With a clear view of your funnel, see where candidates are converting and where you can improve to increase conversions 📈

See where you might be losing potential candidates on the way to an application. Is it between the job ad and application form, or are you losing them before they submit their application? You'll be able to know if you might have a job ad that's too long, or too many hard questions in the application form. Let the data speak for itself and improve while recruiting.

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Hiring metrics

You asked, our product team answered! You can now examine the time it takes to fill a position as well as the time it takes to hire for a position ⌛

Time to fill tracks the time it takes for you to hire someone, from the day the job ad was published. Time to hire tracks the time it took for the future hire to get through the process, so specifically how long it took to hire those people. This is incredibly powerful information that is sure to make it possible for you to improve your process.

Time to fill 2


We show speed as well as progress over time, this can be useful to give you an overall idea of how the recruitment is going. Pick the stages you want to focus on and analyse how you advance in time 🤓

Pipeline overview and speed

Candidate NPS 

Measure the quality of the hiring process and get feedback directly from your candidates. Encourage them to let you know how you’re handling your recruitment process and where you can improve, or continue thriving 😍

Candidate NPS


Hiring team activity 

Whilst hiring for new talent, stay up to date with how your team is doing in the process. See how active your hiring team has been and who’s going above and beyond to build the strongest team! 🏆


We really hope that you like the new job report, and we look forward to releasing more reports for you. Please contact us in the chat if you have any questions or feedback.


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