Update: Reach your candidates with the new Candidate Chat

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Suzan Dil

The Candidate Chat is the best way to start talking to your candidates effortlessly and instantly. Make sure you're available for those dream candidates, and don't risk losing them between your job ad and their application. Are you missing your dream candidate just because you're not offering them something else than an application form? 

So what can you do to get to the candidates that haven't decided to apply just yet?

Just like your marketing and sales team are doing everything to collect leads, HR needs to have the tools to be able to take care of every career site visitor that has any interest in your company.

With the new Candidate Chat you'll start talking to visitors that have yet not decided to apply. This way you'll be able to reach those hard to get, passive candidates. 

With the Candidate Chat you'll fill the void between your job ad and the candidates' application. Make sure you do everything to get your dream candidate!

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