New: Pitch your job ads with the brand new cover 🚀

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Your job ads are what's most important to us, and we wanted to make the look and feel of them even better. We want you to be able to greet your candidates in the best way ever. Pitch your open position to your candidates and show off with a great design.

Pitch the job and get more applications

You want your candidates to pitch themselves to you, so why don't you pitch the open position you are offering, to them? Explain why they should apply to this job with 200 characters. This is a brand new and smart way of showing your candidates what you are offering. Stand out in the crowd and give your candidates the best pitch. The better you convince your candidates to apply, the more applications you will get. Win-win! The pitch is shown under the headline on your job ad cover. 

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Give your candidates a great first impression

With the new cover image, you will be able to show your company in the best way. Choose colors that suit your company, and select an overlay color to make your picture pop. 

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Choose an overlay color to make the text stand out, and select your text color. Easy as that! 

Full or small width

You can choose between a full width cover image, or a small one, that stacks the image and text together. The image option you choose for your ad, will also be the sharing image when someone shares the job ad on social media. 

Skärmavbild 2018-12-11 kl. 13.04.32The stacked version of the cover image. We recommend this option for images with logos. 


 This is what the small and full width version look like when sharing on social media:

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Skärmavbild 2018-12-11 kl. 13.08.05

 Have fun with your new images and pitches and good luck! We're here if you need us, like always 🌟 


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