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It's here! The brand new Employee Dashboard that encourages your employees to engage in your recruitment. This is where your employees share your jobs, refer candidates and apply to your internal jobs

Besides being great assets to your company, your team can also be really helpful recruitment marketers and sources for new candidates. With this update, we want to make it easier and more appealing for your co-workers to take part in your recruitment processes — while getting closer to the recruitment team at the same time.

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Custom messages

Create custom messages to communicate with your employees, let them know about special announcements or recruitment efforts. Maybe you just want to cheer them on and thank them for helping your company grow? You can add as many custom messages as you like. Add different colors and emojis to make them stand out. 

In this image, the custom messages are the widgets in green and orange.

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The leaderboard is sure to motivate your employees to add more referrals. In this widget, the employees that are helping you with the recruitment gets attention and praise. Maybe you'll add some extra incentive that can motivate the employees even more to go for that number one position on the leaderboard? 

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Latest activity

The Latest activity widget shows some activity from other dashboards, that will let employees know that their teammates are pitching in (and might be going for the number one spot on the leaderboard?) This widget really increases the team feeling, and to spur that feeling on, we've also made it possible for all employees to react with some emojis to the activities.

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Highlight a job

The job highlight feature makes it possible for you to pin a job to the very top of the job list, and write a message that can motivate your team to focus on that job. The message makes it personal and makes your team more likely to make an effort to help you out.

The message shows on the job along with the image of the person that wrote the message. 

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Customizable introduction

Admins can customize the experience for their employees, by writing a special introduction for everyone to see as they log in. Simply click the cog wheel next to the message and write something to welcome all employees to their dashboard. 

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Add or remove widgets 

Click the widget library in the bottom left corner to customise the placement of the widgets, or remove it if it doesn't suit your needs right now. Just like the regular dashboard, you simply drag and drop the widgets to move them around. 

Skärmavbild 2021-05-27 kl. 22.02.12

If there are more than 20 active jobs, we automatically show the jobs in a more compact list with search features and filters. This makes it easier for your employees to browse through your jobs and find what they are searching for. 

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Start customizing your own Employee Dashboard right away, and let us know what you think! Don't forget that you have unlimited users in Teamtailor, so invite everyone at your company to their dashboard.

We really hope you like this new update, and that your team will appreciate it as well.

❤️/The Teamtailor Product Team


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