New: Get email applications automatically delivered to Teamtailor 📩


Valérie Downey

Remember when you used to get job applications by email? The hassle of adding and keeping track of candidates manually...
Thankfully, HR tech means gone are the days of tedious tasks! Now, you can receive applications via email and have them automatically added to your candidate pool in Teamtailor. The email is specific for the job and recruiting process in Teamtailor 🔗

Why this feature? 

Right now, many job boards require email addresses for job seekers to send their application. We want to make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply wherever they first see your ad, and reduce the amount of manual work for recruiters on the receiving end. 

With this feature, applications that are sent to the job-specific email address will automatically be delivered to the inbox stage of the recruitment process in Teamtailor, regardless of how the candidate has applied.

How does it work? 

  1. Candidates send their application by attaching their CV to the job-specific email. 
  2. Our resume-parsing robots scan the document and fill out the basic candidate information like name, email, and LinkedIn. The CV is automatically attached to the candidate in Teamtailor.
  3. The candidate is now part of the job’s recruiting process and you’ve just grown your talent pool!
Just like candidates that apply directly through your career site, these applicants automatically receive a “thank you for your application” email, and are let know if they need to fill in any extra information to complete their application. 

Where can I find the unique email address? 

You will find the unique email address for each job in the Application" section where you edit the job ad. Click Show advanced settings" to reveal the email address. The email address is accessible to all types of Teamtailor users.


Applications that come in via the unique email address will show this message on the candidate card: 
As always, we’re here if you need us!

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