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Who else loves the feeling of checking off a task in a todo list? I sure do! ✅ 

Checklists help us all remember things we have to do, and keep us more organised. They make us more efficient and our work more structured. Studies have shown that tasks we haven't done make us distracted, but as soon as we plan to get them done, we get freed from this stress. With this new release from our product team, you will be able to add todos in Teamtailor, and make sure you are in control of your workday. 

Create, schedule and assign todos

Create your todos on the candidates' profiles. You can access the todo-list on the right. 

Skärmavbild 2018-05-31 kl. 08.32.07If you click the calendar icon to the right, you can schedule the todo to a specific date. The person icon means that you can assign the todo to someone else. Click it and select any person and the todo will be assigned to them. Easy peasy!

When you have created your todo, you will see it here on the candidate profile, but also on your dashboard. If you click the todo, you will go straight to the candidate's profile, making it easier to take direct action. When you're done with the todo, simply click to tick the checkbox.

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Let us know what you think of this feature! 👋


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