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Let’s face it. Job ads are not always the best way to get the attention from some people. Some are just never going to read it, let alone actually apply. 

Our product team has developed an entirely new way for you to get attention. Introducing lead pages🚀 


What is it and why should I use it? 

Lead pages are a new sort of campaign page. It’s a short and precise page with one goal - to get in touch with the person reading. You’re not asking them to apply, you’re simply asking for a chance to talk to them and tell them more about the role. 
Explain what your offer is and why it would benefit the person reading to have this job. 
  • Reach out to candidates with something that has a very low threshold. You’re not asking for too much. 
  • Get the attention of those hard-to-get candidates. Make them curious about your role. 
  • Stand out in the crowd full of job ads and lists of demands. 
  • Gather leads for you and your team to contact. Increase your talent pool. 

What should we do with our leads? 

When you’ve gotten leads from your lead page, it’s time for you to take care of them. Contact them as soon as you can, and tell them more about this specific role. Try to give the lead enough information to make them interested in meeting you, perhaps they would want to meet up for a coffee? 
Leads need to be treated differently than candidates that have applied to your jobs or connected with you. They are probably not actively looking for a job, and would most likely not want to be treated as someone actively searching for one. 
Skärmavbild 2019-04-09 kl. 10.58.19The candidate profile shows clearly that the candidate is a Lead, and on which page they gave their contact information on.

How do I create a lead page? 

Go to Content and click the plus sign to the right. You will see different types of page types, click Lead page. 

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Link your lead page to the job process you want the lead to be attached to. 
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 Edit your content in our easy-to-use Editor
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Click the dropdown to Publish, Unpublish and Archive the page.  
Click the three dots and 'Copy link to clipboard' to get a link you can share everywhere.  
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We love leads 😍 We're looking forward to seeing your pages! Let us know if you need any help or inspiration. We are always there for you in the chat, or send an email to
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Talk to you soon! 👋 

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