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Merge candidates
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Sometimes a candidate applies to two different jobs, but accidentally writes the wrong email address. Sometimes the candidate applies with another email address and  phone number, but you know that it's the same person. Or maybe you have sourced a candidate, that then later applies by herself. 

When this happens, different profiles are created in Teamtailor. Now we're launching the opportunity for you to merge candidate profiles in to one profile

If a candidate applies with the same email address and/or phone number, Teamtailor will give you the option to merge the candidates. 

Merge candidates

You can also merge candidates manually. In Candidates, select the candidates you want to merge. Click the three dots in the menu, and then Merge. 

merge candidates bulk

Regardless if you choose "Fix this" in the candidate profile or "Merge" in Candidates, you'll get to choose which profile that's the primary one. If there's any conflicting data in the profiles, the primary profile's data will be selected.  

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Voilá! The profiles are merged and now you have one candidate profile instead of several. Hope you'll like this update! Let us know what you think ❤️

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