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Our view Stages have in a short time become the favorite for many of our users. They can drag and drop their candidates right where they want them, and get a fantastic overview of their recruiting process. Now we're launching a brand new feature that makes the process even better. 

We're introducing Triggers, a fantastic new feature that will put parts of your recruiting process on automation.

You can now add specific triggers on a stage in your recruiting process, like sending and email or adding a tag. When a candidate is moved to that stage, the trigger will be activated. This way you'll be able to set up your triggers one time, and then let everything happen automatically. Set up your recruiting process just the way you want them, and get full control over your stages.

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What can you do with Triggers?

Send a message to all the candidates that are moved to a specific stage in the recruiting process. For example, if you have a stage called "Send test", with Triggers you'll be able to make sure that the test is sent when you move the candidate to that stage. 

Add a note to the candidates on a stage. You can also mention your colleagues on the note. For example "@Anna, what do you think about this candidate? This way you'll make sure to involve the right people at the right time. 

Add a tag on the candidate that have made it to that specific stage. You can for example add the tag "Qualified for 2nd interview" when the candidate is on that stage, so that it is easier to filter out those candidates later on.

Pssst. This is only the beginning. We have some amazing things planned for Triggers. Like a trigger to share candidate with an external part, integrations with test tools and Slack, among other things. Stay tuned for our future updates!

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We hope you'll love this brand new feature as much as we do! Like always – let us know if you have any questions or feedback 👋  

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