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We have updated the available user roles in Teamtailor, which will give you increased control over who has access to certain information, and if they have permission to take action. We are very happy to present two brand new roles that will make it easier for you to organize your users and permissions.

If you are using Teamtailor today, please read this support article to learn more about the changes to current users.

Hiring Manager

Can create and edit jobs, but not publish them. When the Hiring Manager is done with the job ad, they mark it as "Ready to publish", and then a user with higher permissions (Recruitment Lead or any Admin) can publish it. Hiring Managers can't buy promotions in Promote.


This role is ideal for users that should have the access to initiate a new recruitment process and manage it, but needs a final approval from someone else before publishing. 

Recruitment Admin

The Recruitment Admin role is made for a person that's responsible for major parts of the recruitment at the company, but that shouldn't have access to all company settings like GDPR features or integrations. This user will have access to all candidates and jobs, and everything under the headline Recruitment in Settings. 

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Updates to current roles

We have updated the role User to make sure that you can give the correct access and permissions to take action. 

The old role "User" will now become a Default User, which will have access to jobs and candidates if invited to Hiring Teams or Teams. The Default User will not have access to edit the job's recruitment structure or traffic reach. 

The Default User is perfect for someone that should be able to participate in specific recruitment processes, without being able to edit it. 

Roles with new names: 

Designer --> Content Manager

Recruiter --> Recruitment Lead

Admin--> Company Admin


You can always see exactly what permissions each role has when inviting a new colleague. 

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We really hope you like this update. If you have any questions, please check out our support article or ask us. Thanks for reading! 

/The Teamtailor Product Team

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