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We have launched some great new features this October, and we want to tell you all about them. These new features are included for all of our customers, and you can start using them today. Hope you'll love them as much as we do! 


🚀 Automate your recruiting process


This brand new feature lets you add triggers to the stages in the recruiting process. As the candidate moves through the stages, the triggers will be activated. Ping a colleague, send an email or tag a candidate. Save time and make your recruiting process complete.
Pure magic! Read more and try now


🎊 Brand new job view 


Our new jobs view gives you a better overview and makes it easier to navigate your jobs. You also have new filter options, making it easy to find the job you're looking for. We hope you love it as much as we do!

🎉 New sections for your career site


Make your career site even greater looking by adding new sections with text or images. Add sections that show your workplace culture and make your career site stand out in the crowd.
We have also improved our Site Editor to give you a better experience when you're working on your career site. Read more


 🎉 Not using Teamtailor yet? 

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🔄 New in Promote: Reach your candidates with Uptrail

We're now introducing new channels in Promote, and we're starting with Uptrail. With a simple click your ads will be published to Uptrail, and all candidates that apply through Uptrail will be automatically added to your Teamtailor account. Reach more candidates with a simple click. Easy as that!


🔄  Also new in Promote: Dagens Nyheter and Dagens Industri

When you promote your job ad to DN and DI, the ad will be published, exposed to the right candidates and searchable, but it will also be exposed to readers on their main sites. Make sure that your job ads are exposed to both active and passive candidates. 

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