Our 12 favorite updates so far this year

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Our product has always been the single most important thing for us. We want to give HR managers the best solution to help them transform and improve their recruiting.

We firmly believe in updating our product, and to always make sure that our customers are in the forefront of their recruiting. This year our team has worked hard to be able to deliver the best updates for our customers. Our users notice daily updates and improvements, but we also wanted to give you a list of our favorites among all the updates from the first half of 2017.

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💬 Amaze your candidates by reaching out to them via a chat

We want you to have every possibility to reach all the visitors on your site, that are interested in your company. To fill the void between your job ad and the candidate application, we wanted to develop something that makes you reach the candidate before the decision to apply has been made. With the new Candidate  Chat you’ll be able to chat with your visitors, and get their information without demanding an application from them.

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🔗 Increase your referrals with Employee Dashboard

75-100% of employees participate in referring candidates if the company uses some kind of automation and gamification. With the Employee Dashboard your employees will get a space to refer people in their networks without any effort from you or your employees. This way you will put your referrals on autopilot, and you can get the information of quality candidates. Plus, your employess will see all of your open positions, and share them in their social media. Increase your employee engagement with the Employee Dashboard!

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📊 Know your visitors with the Demographic Analysis

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🎯 Source candidates with Teamtailor Sourcing

Do you sometimes visit different web pages and see someone you think would fit perfectly at your company? Now you can add that contact information to your Teamtailor account in seconds.

Read more about how it works and how you add the extension here. 

📈 Facebook Pixel

Our customers now have the possibility to add their own Facebook Pixel on their career site. Now you can get statistics in your own Facebook Ad-account. That also means that when a candidate applies, you will see that as a Custom Event on Facebook with the name Teamtailor.

Are you not using Teamtailor yet and want to try these features? 

Click here and get a tailor-made demo made for you 🎉

➡️  New advertising channels in Promote: Google Adwords and Stack Overflow

Now you have the opportunity to display ads to candidates outside of traditional job ads and networks. You’ll be able to advertise with classic text-ads and amazing image ads with relevant keywords. We can now also offer you to advertise on Stack Overflow.


Do you want to integrate Teamtailor with another system that you are using or are starting to use? No problem! With our API you’ll be able to set up the integrations you want to use. Check out our API documentation and let us know if you have any questions. 👋

✍️ Designer

Is there anyone at your company that you want to be able to change the way your career site looks? With an entirely new access level with the name ”Designer”, that person will be able to change and upload images, texts and everything else concerning the design of your career site. The designer will not have access to any applications, unless you invite them to a hiring team. 

🔒 SSL on all pages

All of our career sites have to be secure. We already had SSL enabled on all pages that handled sensitive information, but now all pages on your career site are secure with SSL enabled.

🔑  Internal jobs

Do you have job ads that only target your current employees? Now you have the opportunity to publish internal jobs, that will work just as usual in the system, but won’t be visible on the career site. Let us know if you want to know more!

🖌 Improved design for your career site

Better readability, wider columns and better contrasts. That’s some of the updates we brought to the career site. Read what our designer Joakim wrote about that update.


We have launched a new feature that makes it possible for you to use GIFs wherever you want to in Teamtailor! Just start typing to create a job ad or an email, and you will see the button to add a GIF. Simple as that! 🎈

We really hope you love all these updates just as much as we do. We are so passionate about continuing to improve our product. Let us know what you think! ❤️

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