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Our latest update is here 🎉 Now you can make changes on your career pages and polish it before going live with the changes. Take your time and work on the improvements on the site before the world sees it.

Previously, all changes made on the career site were published the moment they were saved. Now when you click Save, you will save the changes to your preview page. 

Skärmavbild 2020-06-29 kl. 16.02.36-1Preview your page before publishing

After making changes that you have saved, you will be able to preview those changes. Click the three dots in the bottom of the page. You will now have two page options.

Visit page leads to the live and published page. 

Preview page leads to the draft page, that you have saved but not published yet.

Preview page

Publish all updates at the same time

Preview unpublished When you are in the Content view, you will see exactly how many pages that have unpublished changes, and choose to publish them all in one click. The pages with current changes have a blue dot in front of the name, so that you easily can see which ones you are updating. 


We hope you like this update, stay tuned for more! Let us know if you have any questions. 

/The Teamtailor Product Team 🎈


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