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We're adding brand new functionality to make it easier to get important information from your candidates' references. Handle every step of the reference checking in Teamtailor, and make it easier for you and the reference to connect 🥳

We've made it possible for you to send a customised form to the references that they can answer when they are available. This automated process is sure to be liked by the references who can now give quality answers to different types of questions in their own time.

Create the questions in the new reference section in Settings and ask everything you want to know about the candidate.

  • Save time by automating the process of retrieving information from references
  • Get better answers as the reference can answer in their own time
  • Collect information from several references at the same time

How does it work?

Candidates add their references as they apply or connect. After the reference has chosen to either recommend or not recommend the candidate as a future colleague, you can send them the reference form, where you can ask any questions you like. You can also add other references manually through the candidate card, and send the questions directly to them.

The references get an email with a link to the feedback form where they can answer. You'll then be able to see their answers in the same Recommendations section on the candidate card.

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You can also automate the process by adding a trigger to a stage in the recruitment process. It doesn't get any easier than this!

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Share the feedback

Only the job's recruiter or an admin can see the answers that the references has given. This is to protect the information that might be sensitive. If you want to share this feedback with someone that isn't an Admin or the recruiter of the job, you simply click Share candidate, and include "References & Recommendations" in the selection.


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Get started

Activate it in Skillcenter, and then start customising the forms in Settings. You can create as many templates as you like.

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Use the form builder to create your templates and mix the types of questions to get the information you need. 

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Read more about this feature in our Support article. We hope you and your references will love using this! 

/The Teamtailor Product Team

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