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We're now presenting a lot of new updates to our Smart Schedule 🎉

In short, Smart Schedule is like a new and improved version of a calendar.  It's smart (hence the name😍), automatic and easy-to-use. It lets you book times that are available for you and your team, without you having to check manually. It only shows the times that fits all of you. But that's not all – we've now made this feature even better. 

Group meetings

Schedule group meetings with your candidates, all at the same time. Bulk select candidates and invite them to a specific time. See who accepts or declines the invitation. 

Skärmavbild 2019-02-13 kl. 18.55.51

Single meetings – let your candidates pick the time

Schedule separate meetings with several candidates. Select the candidates and then select different times. They will be sent a booking form, where they can select a time. When one time slot gets taken, the booking forms will be updated and the others will only see the available times. 

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Schedule a meeting with a trigger

Add a trigger in a specific stage to auto-arrange a meeting. So when you move a candidate to the stage Interview for example, Smart Schedule will automatically send an invite to a meeting. The candidate will be able to choose dates from the 5 first days that you and the other attendees are available

Skärmavbild 2019-02-14 kl. 10.50.49Skärmavbild 2019-02-14 kl. 10.51.02


Bulk candidates and schedule meeting

Select several candidates at once in a job or in Candidates, and click the three dots. Select Schedule meeting and choose if you want to invite them all to a group meeting or to several separate meetings. 
Smart schedule bulk stages


Smooth booking form for the candidate

The experience for the candidate to book/confirm meetings is designed to be as smooth as possible, and only takes seconds to complete. The candidate receives an email, where he/she can click to book the meeting. Once the candidate has confirmed the meeting, you and other attendees will get a notification. 


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image (4)-1











Hope you like these updates to the Smart Schedule, let us know what you think! ❤️



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