New: Testimonials from your employees

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 Straight from the product team to your career site, we're giving you Testimonials!

It's a brand new block that can be added to your career site, and let you emphasize your employees and let them do the talking. This will improve your employer branding and convert more visitors to applicants. And also, doesn't it just look great?! 😍

We are giving you 4 different layout options, and you can pick and choose which one suits you the best, or mix them together. It's up to you! Take the chance to stand out in the crowd, with the help from your employees. 

What do you think about this layout? 

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Or maybe this one? 😍

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Add your new blocks by clicking on Content and clicking the plus icon in the bottom. Add a Testimonial block and go wild! Let us know in the chat if you have any questions 🚀

We can't wait to see your new testimonials! 


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