Automatically add to-dos for new users 🥳

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When users first log in, having a guide there to help them get onboarded makes for a great experience. We’ve made it really easy for admins to let their users know what to do by letting them add to-do templates for different access roles, and automatically give them those to-dos when new users create their accounts. 

This will be useful for companies that want to make sure that all users get off to a great start and knows what to do from day 1. You can add to-dos that tell the user to fill out their profile, invite their teams, test publish a job, anything you like.

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An admin might be onboarded in a different way than a hiring manager — so add to-dos according to the user roles to customise the experience. Add to-dos with a due date to make sure that the user knows when they are expected to complete this task. 

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Add template in Settings

Go to Settings and To-do templates. Add a new template and make sure you select the role(s) you want to create this template for. 

We hope you like this update. The team at Teamtailor will also be able to use this when onboarding companies in new accounts. So exciting!

Talk to you soon ❤️

/The Product Team

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