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GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are images on the web that moves. Like this one above. This last year, GIFs have become a popular form of communication, and with integrations with several services like Twitter and Messenger, they have become standard to use when publishing a post or a comment.

We just launched a feature that makes it possible to use GIFs anywhere you want in Teamtailor! Just start typing an email or a job ad, and you will see the option to add a GIF. Simple as that.

In Facebook's Messenger app, 5 million GIFs are being sent every day. Other companies have started using it as well. Google used a GIF as an official statement, and that really made an impact on companies, and more have started using GIFs in their brand communication. 

So should HR use GIFs in their job ads and their communication with candidates? We say yes! Everything that makes your company pop even more among all of the other job opportunities is a great thing. Start with your job ads. We published a job ad, with a GIF of a mic drop. The result? A lot of candidates telling us they loved our different approach.

And how about this GIF in your reply mail when you get an accepted offer from your ideal candidate? We promise, the candidate will love it!

So start today, start slowly and then you'll get to a point where you end all your emails like this: 

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