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  • Instantly easy to use
  • Automate tedious tasks
  • Track and analyze your work

Seamless workflow

With Teamtailor you get an applicant tracking system that contains all the features you and your team need to recruit without hassle.


Customized recruiting funnel

Set up your funnel the way you want it and use drag and drop to move candidates as they progress.

  • Custom stages
  • Triggers
  • Bulk actions
Custom stage for applicant tracking system
Application form

Get the information you need

Customize the job application form and choose between different types of questions to ask. Choose what should be mandatory or optional to submit.

  • Apply with or without CV
  • Questions
  • Video
  • Can you tell us about your favourite project?
  • Can you describe your ideal work environment?
  • Apply without CV 🎈
  • Do you have a question for us?
Everything you need

A modern recruiting tool belt

The wide range of tools makes it easy for you to hire together with your team.

  • Scorecards
  • Reviews
  • Notes
  • Tags
@james I really love this candidate.Book a second interview at VärmdöOn Carolyn GloverTech-savvyThumbs downThumb downThumb upThumbs upResult orientedThumbs downThumb downThumb upThumbs upResourcefulThumbs downThumb downThumb upThumbs upProfessionalThumbs downThumb downThumb upThumbs up
Bulk actions

Do more with less

All actions are available as bulk actions, so do them all at once and save time.

  • Messages
  • Schedule interviews
  • Move
  • Tags
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Search & Filters

Find what you're looking for

Search for keywords or phrases and find the right candidates. Use filters in your candidate bank and get results you need.

  • Keywords and phrases
  • Smart filters
  • Resume checker
Candidate avtarCandidate avtarCandidate avtarCandidate avtarCandidate avtarCandidate avtarCandidate avtarCandidate avtar

Work on the right things

Every user is greeted by a personalized dashboard that focuses on what’s important, your next move.

  • Your jobs
  • Recent connects
  • Todos
  • Upcoming events
Guided recruitment

Set up goals and reach them

Set up goals for your recruitment process and Teamtailor will remind you when you need it. You and your team will get notifications and alerts that you need to take action. Never let a candidate wait too long again, and improve your recruiting process.

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Collaborate with your team and hire together

Work with your team to achieve better results and increase your employee engagement.

  • Sales & Business developmentuser avataruser avatar
  • Marketing & PRuser avataruser avataruser avataruser avatar
  • Product designeruser avataruser avataruser avataruser avataruser avatar

Keep everyone in the loop

Invite your colleagues to Hiring Teams and work better together. Track their activity and assign tasks to them. You always get unlimited users in Teamtailor.

  • @jamesmay Seems like a good fit. Let’s book an interview.
  • @annasvensson What do you think about this candidate?
  • @jamesmay we’re looking for candidates that knows both HTML and CSS at this point.

Communicate and get better results

Chat with your team about the progress of your recruitment and share important feedback or thoughts.

Recruit on the go

Bring your ATS with you and act faster than your competition.

Easy communication

Stay in touch with your candidates and keep your conversation going. Send messages from your phone right to your candidate.

Review candidates in no time

See candidates’ information like application, cover letter and documents right in the app. Add your reviews and star ratings instantly.

Teamtailor mobile app
Teamtailor for iOS on App storeTeamtailor for Android on Google play

See and write notes

Write notes and collaborate with your team. Stay on top of your recruitment by communicating about your candidates.

Mention your colleagues

Ping your colleagues and they will get a notification immediately. Ask them for feedback or let them know what you think. Working together in the mobile app is easy. 🎈


Automate your recruitment

Get things done fast with the help from Triggers and save time.

  • Send MessageTo a candidate
  • Todo listAdd todo items
  • Smart MoveBased on answers

"Move all candidates to the next stage if they answer Yes to this question"


Set up triggers – sit back and relax

Add a trigger with a few clicks to any stage in your recruiting process and let them move candidates, book interviews, send messages, add notes, todos or tags. Watch as Triggers manage parts of the process for you.

  • Message templates

  • Schedule messages

  • Delay reject

  • Job templates

Smart schedule

Schedule your meetings automatically

See your colleagues’ calendar availability in an instant and schedule interviews and meetings when it suits all of you. Send several different options to your candidates at once and let them pick a time, and book it themselves. Scheduling interviews and meetings just got fun.

Automated GDPR

Let Teamtailor handle GDPR for you

GDPR and other regulations are often times not the most fun part of growing your business. That’s why we built an automated GDPR flow, so you won’t have to worry. Set up the time frames you want to keep candidates that have applied or connected to you, and a separate for the ones you have sourced. Send automatic emails and save time.

It helps us drive recruitment in an open, transparent and effective way, globally.

David LagerbladHead of Talent Acquisition
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Learn and improve with Analytics

Data-driven recruitment is easy with Teamtailor. Get the data you need to make better decisions.

  • Pipeline Speed
  • Team activity
  • Visitors

See which your most successful channels are, where you get the best candidates and your team’s progress. Learn more about your visitors and see who you’re converting to an applicant. Analytics does not only give you data about your visitors and candidates, but also about your progress and team. See who are most active in your team, and which actions they have done. Learn more about which stages your candidates seem to be in the longest, and get the data to improve those numbers.

World class customer support

We help you succeed

Chat with us in the tool and get help within minutes. No matter what kind of questions you might have, we are here to help you.

🤩98% happiness

We are proud to say that our average response time is 3 minutes during work hours, and that our happiness rating is about 98%.

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