Code of Conduct

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At Teamtailor (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’), we are committed to building a better society by being a trusted partner to our suppliers, business partners, customers, users, candidates, our owners and employees. In order to achieve this, we aim to act in an ethical, socially and sustainable manner by respecting human rights, fundamental freedoms, democratic principles and EU environmental sustainability standards. As a basis for this, we have adopted this Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”), which applies to every employee at every level, of Teamtailor AB and its subsidiaries (collectively “Teamtailor”). In addition, Teamtailor expects third parties, including contingent workers and our business partners and suppliers to act in a way that is consistent with values and principles outlined in this Code when conducting business with or on behalf of Teamtailor.

Teamtailor is responsible for choosing business partners and suppliers that are expected to comply with applicable laws, provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically and use environmentally responsible practices.

Introduction - Core Principles

Teamtailor believes that sustainable growth and sound business practices go hand in hand. In order to maintain a sustainable business model and help build a better society, we have to take responsibility for the impact our operations have on the world around us.

Teamtailor’s ambition is that sound business practices shall prevail throughout all our operations and our daily business.

This Code sets out Teamtailor’s four (4) core principles as stated below (together referred to as “Core Principles”),

  1. Safety of Service;

  2. Business Integrity;

  3. Treating People with respect; and

  4. Environmental Awareness.

Our Core Principles are based on established EU and UN standards on environmental sustainability, human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as democratic principles and sets out the guardrails around sustainability and business ethics that all of Teamtailor’s employees shall aim to adhere to. We expect all to thoroughly read through this Code and adhere to the Core Principles herein.


It is important that services provided by Teamtailor are developed and provided in an ethical way. Therefore, Teamtailor expects this Code to be applied and upheld by all employees (regardless of position and whether permanent or temporary, apprentices or contracted through an employment agency) within the Teamtailor organisation.

Teamtailor expects its business partners and suppliers to act in a way that is consistent with the Core Principles, as outlined in the Code, when conducting business with or on behalf of Teamtailor. Therefore, Teamtailor is responsible to choose business partners and suppliers that are expected to adhere to the Core Principles, as a minimum standard.

Safety of services

Teamtailor strives to demonstrate honesty and integrity in all interactions. Our marketing and advertising, expressed in communications or by employees, shall be accurate, truthful and comply with applicable laws.

Legal compliance

Teamtailor complies with all laws and regulations as applicable to Teamtailor in the countries and jurisdictions in which they operate and this Code sets up a minimum requirement. If provisions in other applicable national or international laws have a more stringent position to sustainability matters mentioned in this Code, those shall be complied with and prevail. In cases of conflict between this Code and mandatory law, the latter shall apply.

Privacy and Security

In order to fulfil the obligations as an employer, and service provider towards our customers (incl. its candidates), business partners and suppliers, and to ensure a safe and effective administration, it may be necessary for Teamtailor to collect, process and store personal and confidential data.

Teamtailor continuously strives to safeguard all data subjects and to ensure to always protect personal data and respect data subject’s privacy and integrity. Teamtailor complies with applicable laws and regulations to ensure privacy and security of all information and data that we collect, process and store.

Teamtailor will endeavour to prevent any unauthorised access to personal data and should be trusted by its employees, customer’s (incl. its candidates), business partners and suppliers to handle their data.

Business integrity


Teamtailor employees may not offer, ask, give or accept, directly or indirectly, any undue advantage for personal gain to or from any third party (in relation to the work undertaken at Teamtailor), unless it can be constituted as being within the boundaries of accepted business practices such as representation and reasonable hospitality given in the ordinary course of business and as accepted by applicable law.

Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering can be defined as transforming the proceeds of crimes into the legitimate economy. It can often be seen in connection with other types of crimes, such as drug dealing, human trafficking, terrorism, corruption and tax evasion.

Teamtailor shall never directly or indirectly facilitate money laundering or terrorism financing.

Conflict of interest

We expect employees to avoid any personal, financial or other interests that might hinder them to perform their job duties objectively.

When business decisions are made by Teamtailor, conflict of interest shall be avoided, so that decisions are always in the best interest of Teamtailor, its customers and its business partners. Personal relations or financial interest shall never influence Teamtailor’s decision making. This includes not only potential gains given to Teamtailor employees, but also to relatives and friends of Teamtailor employees.

Accounting and Financial reporting

Teamtailor shall comply with all applicable legal and financial obligations in relation to its accounting and financial reporting. All Teamtailor books, financial reports, expense accounts, administrative records and other similar documents must be completed accurately, honestly and in accordance with Teamtailor’s internal procedures, that is based on applicable law. Making false, fictitious, misleading or inappropriate records is prohibited.

Treating people with respect

All employees at Teamtailor are entitled to fundamental human rights and freedoms. Teamtailor promotes a workplace and supply chain free from modern slavery and human trafficking.

All employees should respect their colleagues. Teamtailor does not allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization. All employees shall be treated equally and with respect, and Teamtailor promotes diversity and inclusion. All aspects of their work, from recruitment and performance evaluation to interpersonal relations, are included.

Fair working conditions and compensation

All employees at Teamtailor shall have contracts specifying the terms of employment. No employee shall be paid less than allowed by applicable law. All employees shall have the right to equal pay for work of equal value.

Teamtailor must ensure that its employees work in compliance with all applicable laws and that mandatory industry standards pertaining to regular working hours/days, overtime, breaks, rest periods, holidays, maternity and paternity leaves are respected.

Employees' right to freely associate and to bargain collectively, in accordance with the laws of the countries in which they are employed, shall be recognised and respected.

Human Rights

All employees at Teamtailor are entitled to fundamental human rights which shall be known, understood and respected and be applied equally. No employee of Teamtailor shall be subject to corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment, abuse or similar.

It is strictly forbidden to use forced, bonded or compulsory labour. All employees at Teamtailor must be employed on a voluntary basis, free from any threat of violence, threats of criminal penalty, and restrictions on freedom of movement. Employees must not be required to lodge deposits, money or personal papers with their employer, and all employees shall have the right to leave their employment after reasonable notice.

Child labour

Children under the minimum working age established by local law shall not be used as part of the labour force. Young employees (under 18 years old) are not allowed to undertake work that is mentally, physically, socially or mortally dangerous or otherwise harmful. The work shall not interfere with their opportunity to attend school. Employees under eighteen

(18) years shall not be engaged in hazardous or heavy work, or on night shifts.

At Teamtailor, we do not hire employees under eighteen (18) years, with the exception of legally compliant short term internships in connection with school projects. No employees at Teamtailor are engaged in hazardous or heavy work, nor night shifts.

Diversity and Inclusion

All employees of Teamtailor shall be protected by the fundamental right to not be subject to any form of discrimination. Employees shall not be subject to discrimination, whether active or by means of passive support, whether based on ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, union membership, political affiliation or age.

Health and safety

Teamtailor provides its employees with a working environment that is physically, psychologically and socially safe. Employees are expected to be safety-conscious and to report all work-related injuries or illnesses as well as any unsafe conditions identified.

Environmental awareness

Teamtailor shall apply a precautionary approach towards environmental and climate matters. By our environmental management and purchasing policy, we are confident that we will strive to comply with the expected standards of achieving the EU's environmental goals and not do any significant harm.

Environmental Management

Teamtailor develops a service that helps our customers reduce their environmental impact. By using our service our customers decrease their consumption/usage of paper, printers and travelling and much more. But we do not think that is enough. We also want to lead by example. Teamtailor shall promote environmental awareness and all employees to prioritise and consider the environment in their daily work. Our environmental impact shall be minimal and we work actively to make the environmental thinking permeate the business. We want to set a good example and inspire a more active environmental awareness and environmental choices among our employees, suppliers and other organisations. We do this by:

  • Prioritising the purchase of eco-labelled products and services.

  • Consider the transportation options with the least negative impact on the environment and prioritise the most environmentally friendly type of transportation, preferably eco-labelled passenger and freight transport.

  • Generally promote and advocate an environmental approach both for companies and for individuals.

Purchasing Policy

Teamtailor should strive to prioritise the purchasing of products and services that are eco-labelled. This applies to for example copy paper, computers, coffee, batteries, electricity, light bulbs, cleaning services, hotels, etc.


It is the responsibility of Teamtailor’s management to implement and ensure compliance with this Code.

Employees are responsible to act in accordance with this Code. Employees who violate the Code may be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal, depending on the violation and other circumstances. Cases of corruption, theft, embezzlement, or other unlawful behaviour may call for legal action.

If a supplier or business partner of Teamtailor is in breach or suspected breach of this Code, Teamtailor shall take any available action in accordance with the applicable business agreement and applicable law.

We encourage employees to reveal behaviour that may be non-compliant with the Code. Approval of questionable actions shall not be tolerated.

As soon as any person is informed of, or suspects, any activities that may be in violation of this Code, it is this person’s responsibility to report it.

Reporting instructions

We want to ensure that all employees and other individuals with a professional connection to Teamtailor are able to report any violation with this Code or other misconduct within our operations, by using Teamtailor’s whistleblowing channel.

Reports will be received by independent and impartial individuals within Teamtailor. The whistleblowing channel is designed, set up and operated in a way that ensures the confidentiality of the whistleblower, and to prevent non-authorized individuals from having access to the reports submitted through these channels.

For information on our process for whistleblowing please refer to our Whistleblowing policy.

Reports will be anonymous.


The Teamtailor Board of Directors has established the standards of business conduct contained in this Code and will, directly or through its committees, oversee the compliance. Teamtailor’s management have been given the responsibility of ensuring adherence to the Code and, while serving in this capacity, reports directly to the Board of Directors and its committees. Teamtailor is committed to continuously reviewing and updating our policies and procedures. Therefore, this Code may be subject to amendments by the Board of Directors or its delegates.

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