Attract and retain top talent through your employer brand

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ūüóď Thursday 13th June, 6:00pm-9:00pm

ūüďć The Arboretum, Leicester Square, London

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Your employer brand is key to attracting and retaining top talent

According to Glassdoor, 92% of people would consider changing jobs if they were offered a role from a company with an excellent reputation.

Employer branding is really your company's magnet to attract talent. We can all think of companies that people want to work for and brands that people connect and identify themselves with. The reasons for this go beyond simply what the company does or sells - people want to work for a company that has a strong reputation.

The agenda

Introducing the themes

Gain fresh insights on strategies around attracting and retaining your current workforce.

Below are some of the topics our speakers will bring to the discussion. We highly encourage audience interaction, so if you have any questions, feel free to join in the discussion at any point!

  • Executing the brand and values through your employees

    Establishing employee engagement and advocacy within your workforce.

  • Nailing your EVP

    Perfecting your Employee Value Proposition with a focus on your rewards and benefits.

  • Employee retention

    Empowering your workforce to achieve sustainability and long-term success through learning and engagement tools.

  • Leveraging your career site

    Understanding the tools at hand such as mobile and social recruiting in order to market your company.

  • Creating a culture of transparency

    Implementing effective communication channels between departments.

  • Remote and hybrid working

    How to effectively cultivate company culture in a remote and async world.

Meet our speakers ‚ú®

Daniel Lancioni

Senior Director of EMEA and APAC Partnerships at Deel

Partnering with Recruiting, Staffing and Talent firms, Daniel helps their clients and teams compliantly hire and pay anyone, anywhere!

Daniel’s team is 100% remote, thus is a big advocate of async and remote working which - when done correctly - can lead to accelerated productivity.

Jaime Newbery

Director of Talent Enablement & Growth at Pipedrive

As a Global Talent Leader with over 15 years of experience, Jaime is passionate about empowering businesses and their people to unlock potential.

Jaime's mission is to help companies build resilient, high-performing teams that are future-ready. Equipping leaders to navigate change, Jaime has a proven track record of designing and implementing talent development, TA transformation and EB programs that unleash the potential of the workforce.

David Shatzkes

Senior Client Strategist at Wiser

Building global employer branding and early talent strategies, David has helped the likes of Comcast, Danone, Sky, Heineken, National Grid and the BBC attract and retain the very best talent.

David's work at Wiser involves diagnosing key talent challenges and building EVP strategies that 'ignore the ordinary' to engage hard to hire talent groups across the globe.

Get inspired with us

The Pink Hour ūü•ā

The Pink Hour is an evening event, hosted in London, for like-minded creatives, thought leaders and people within the HR space to get together and be inspired.

We invite you to gain insights and to get inspired on a range of different topics within recruitment, as well as network with fellow HR professionals.

And you won‚Äôt be hungry‚ÄĒpizza and a range of beverages will be on us!

Introducing your host:

Nathan McLaughlin

Partnerships Lead at Teamtailor

Nate has been working in the HR Tech industry for 10+ years, starting with HRIS systems and working with everything in between, leading to his position as Teamtailor’s Partnerships Lead.

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