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Checkmate does candidate reference checking through a simple and seamless online experience that is fun and easy to use.
Checkr’s advanced background check technology helps companies bring transparency & fairness to hiring. Together, Teamtailor and Checkr increase productivity and operational efficiency by allowing users to trigger background checks from within Teamtailor.
Bakgrundskollen.se offers cost-effective and objective legal background checks. Fast, safe and easy to adapt to your recruitment process.
Veremark is an automated, scalable and truly global background checking platform that will transform the way your business onboards candidates.
Zinc offers a range of global automated background checks. Our automated checking tools provide clear candidate insights and deliver unforgettable candidate journeys. We work towards the goal of helping Talent & HR teams become more data-driven in hiring.
SRI offers qualified candidate background checks with several options for depth, complexity, analysis, cyber-vetting and helpful interview questions.
TrustID Cloud checks identity documents and provides an assessment on whether they are genuine, in order to assist with right to work, right to services and right to housing compliance.
Verified First
As your #1 All-American team, Verified First offers a streamlined screening experience. With revolutionary technology and a slick, patented browser integration, Verified First instantly connects with Teamtailor's HR platform, providing clients a turn-key experience with top-notch client care.

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