Få fart på rekrutteringen med integrasjonene våre

Alva Labs

Recruit faster with Alva’s science-backed candidate assessments. Our tools support you at every stage of the hiring process. Set up, analyze, and take action - all within Teamtailor.

Make better hiring decisions with Alva. Get access to the leading psychometric tests directly in your Teamtailor account. The integration with Alva lets you:

- Set up triggers to automatically invite your candidates to do psychometric tests

- See the match score of each candidate directly in your Teamtailor view

- Automate your screening process

At Alva, we have combined established research with machine learning and AI to create the most accurate and reliable psychometric tests in the market. By using tests early in your recruitment process you will make sure all candidates get a fair and objective assessment, while also saving time for your recruiters.

Use Alva if you want to:

- Create a fair, objective and inclusive recruitment process

- Make sure you hire the right candidate for the job

- Increase the accuracy of your screening

- Create a stellar candidate experience

- Save time in your screening process

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