We are better together.

Our powerful all-in-one recruitment platform helps companies world wide attract, nurture and recruit top talent. Explore our Partnership Programs and let's start growing together 🚀

What is the Teamtailor Partnership Program?

Teamtailor is on a mission to paint the world pink and our partners will be an important part of that journey. We aim to enter partnerships with other frontrunners of the industry, companies, and individuals with the same mindset to make the industry better.

The first program was started in late 2013 to help us spread the word, even when there barely was a word to speak about. Over the years it has grown and changed significantly. Today our Partner network consists of many different kinds of partners that in their own way help us move the industry forward and help Teamtailor and our clients grow.

Why partner with Teamtailor?

  • A globally loved product

    Promote a market-leading solution and share in our success.

  • A flexible program

    Choose from different partnership models that align with your business strategy.

  • Scale and expand your business offering

    Expand your business by offering your services with Teamtailor to both existing and new customers, thereby attracting new business opportunities.

Interested in teaming up?

We’re always happy to hear from potential partners.

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  • Reseller Partner

    Accelerate your business growth and unlock new sales and professional services opportunities. Sell and implement Teamtailor and earn commission.

  • Referral partner

    Get rewarded for recommending our platform to clients and prospects and unlock new sales and professional services opportunities.

  • Integration Partners

    Integrate your product with Teamtailor. Grow your customer base by collaborating with us to deliver a best-of-breed solution.

  • Venture Capital Partner

    Help your portfolio companies scale with the right candidates and infrastructure.

  • Network Partner

    Ensure your community members have access to the best recruiting software.

  • Affiliate Partner

    Earn commission by promoting Teamtailor on your online content. Capture intent on your website or online presence and refer customers using affiliate links.