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Huma HR

Huma is the only HR software that combines local HR knowledge with cutting-edge HR tech to deliver on compliance, efficiency, and growth.

Empowering SMB’s in the Nordics 🇸🇪🇳🇴🇫🇮

Huma is all about giving small and medium-sized businesses the time to focus on people, not paperwork 👯

Once a candidate is signed in Teamtailor, you can seamlessly start the pre- and onboarding in Huma to ensure a flawless candidate experience. Huma is born on mobile, has no startup costs, and takes 5 minutes to get started. 

Local knowledge that has your back

Don’t spend time plotting personal data in different systems, handling different types of absence, or looking for documents in a jungle of folders. With ready-made local templates in Huma you can fix that in a matter of minutes.


✅Employment contracts and signing

✅Digital employee records


✅Absence management

✅Skills and competencies



✅Free mobile app

And much more!

Huma works to make your core HR- and admin tasks as easy as can be, with seamless and free integrations to Teamtailor, Tripletex, Fortnox, Netvisor and more. 

Get started in 6 minutes, not 6 months

👉Integration with Teamtailor included

👉From €5,99 per user per month

👉No startup fees

Try it for free for 14 days 🎉