How Home Made has recruited more effectively with a data-driven approach

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Proptech company Home Made is revolutionising the way we rent and let properties, making the process simpler, fairer and more transparent. Home Made is the largest provider of hybrid lettings and asset management services in the UK, working with the largest institutional landlords in Europe, including Grainger, Greystar, GetLiving, and Quintain.

Founded - 2016Home made logo
Employee Size - 100-250
Industry - Real Estate
Location - London, UK



Growing at a rate of knots across every function, Head of People at Home Made, Helen Graham gave us an insight into the company’s recruitment progress and her thoughts when it comes to all things HR!

What were your recruitment challenges prior to Teamtailor?

We previously used a much more basic ATS that wasn’t designed to facilitate our rapid growth and the size of our company, which now stands at 80 employees. The old system was also not particularly user-friendly and there was a significant lack of clarity in the hiring process, so it simply wasn’t fit to fulfil our needs and goals.

Why did you choose Teamtailor?

I had brought it into a previous company and felt it would be a good fit at Home Made as well. I would recommend Teamtailor to anyone looking for a new system. They’ve brought a modern, 21st century ATS into the marketplace.


“Teamtailor is a great ATS if you are looking for great user experience from both the recruiter and candidate side”.

Helen Graham, Head of People at Home Made



How has your experience been with Teamtailor so far?

It’s always so positive! The customer service function is the best I’ve seen in terms of response time and problem solving. The system is very clear and easy to use, particularly the analytics function which easily allows you to evaluate key data and identify where your pipeline may need further support. 

The career site has been great as we didn’t have as much flexibility to change things on the main company career page. It’s really easy to use and doesn’t really require an IT or design team to help build it out. Being able to build a career site from scratch has been a huge benefit and has allowed us to put forward our culture, values and employee proposition, which has been vital to our hiring strategy. As a result, we’ve seen more educated, high quality applicants come through and apply for our roles.

HR Hour

What are your 3 best tips for recruiters?

  1. Focus on candidate journey and detail this out
  2. Have clarity on your employee value proposition
  3. Be human – always provide feedback as you never know when you will come across people again 

What is important for you when it comes to HR, recruitment and employer branding? 

Employee and candidate experience is most important to me as a People Leader. Our ability to bring culture and values in partnership with business strategy to the forefront of these areas, is then key. 

Most importantly in regards to systems for me, is the capabilities of the system, user experience and technological adaptability. 

What do you think will be the future of HR?

I’m hoping it’s one that continues to build on being a strategic partner. Businesses that don’t engage in HR as a strategic partner will find that they won’t be able to sustain the longer term workforce and output that they need. 

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