LADbible sees 44% annual increase in company size with Teamtailor

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Youth publisher LadBible targets £360m valuation in London flotation |  Business News | Sky NewsHQ - Manchester, UK
Founded - 2012
Industry - Media
Company size - 250-500 employees



Established in 2012, media giant LADbible Group has reshaped the world of online news and entertainment, boasting almost a billion viewers and 69 million monthly users. The company has grown to become one of the world’s leading social publishers, producing engaging campaigns on current affairs across its outlets including LADbible, UNILAD, Tyla, SPORTbible and GAMINGbible.


We met with Jo Knowler, Talent Business Partner at LADbible Group to discuss their hiring progress and the rapid growth the company has been experiencing. 


“Teamtailor makes my job so much less stressful which is a dream for any recruiter”.

Jo Knowler, Talent Business Partner at LADbible Group


What are your recruitment challenges?

A major obstacle was that we weren’t GDPR compliant before implementing Teamtailor so there was nothing in place to track or monitor activity with candidates. Now with Teamtailor, it is very easy for us to communicate with them, thanks to the various automations to ensure candidates understand where they are in the recruitment process. 

We also find generally that hiring for specialist roles is particularly tricky with the current candidate-driven market.

Why did you choose Teamtailor?

The simplicity, look and feel were all factors in selecting Teamtailor – it caters for staff on all levels, no matter your role. These factors apply to the career site function too. From my experience, no other ATS offered videos on their career sites and this was certainly something that stood out for us in terms of strengthening our employer brand. As a media and entertainment company, we realise how important such factors are to express our brand in the best possible way and give our candidates a flavour of our company culture. 

The careers site also helps us to look like a professional business which is crucial when growing from a start-up to a medium-sized business. Candidates are easily able to see what roles are available on the site, which has been significant in our growth.

LADbible has been growing at a rate of knots, increasing their company size in the last year by more than 40%.

How has your experience been with Teamtailor so far?

It’s been fantastic - we hired just over 200 people last year, which is double what we achieved in 2020! With these hires, we’ve been able to adopt Teamtailor’s anonymous hiring feature for every role that we’ve advertised, removing unconscious bias and contributing to our D&I strategy.

We’ve also been able to monitor all hiring activity with the analytics feature – helping us to understand which sources work best for us and identify areas where budget can be attributed. 

Jo also told us which features she enjoys using the most and why Teamtailor has become a cost-effective strategy for them.

What Teamtailor functionality do you use the most and why?

The templated messages are very popular with us here at LADbible as it’s ideal for keeping candidates up-to-date throughout the hiring process. Similarly, we’ve recently implemented the text messaging function which has been useful in providing an alternative way to talking over the phone with candidates who are more reluctant to do so. This allows us to shape the candidate experience and make sure candidates are as prepared as possible for interviews.

As a Talent Business Partner, the NPS functionality has also been incredible and is great for managing a team. We’re able to track everything that our recruiters are doing and make any necessary improvements in the candidate journey. Our aim is to ensure that everyone who applies, has a fantastic experience with LADbible!

Is there something you would like to tell other companies thinking about moving over to Teamtailor?

Setting Teamtailor up was so straightforward and simple. The system does a lot and caters for everyone, including those who aren’t particularly technically savvy.

When we understood we could implement a system with all these functionalities at a really competitive price, the deal was closed. We really appreciate that there are no hidden costs and that we can have as many users as possible on the platform without paying more. In other words, it is truly an ATS that can grow with us and it’s really worth exploring. You’ll be won over on your first go!

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