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Swedish electric scooter company, Voi, boosts rapid growth with Teamtailor

Since Voi's inception in 2018, their primary aim has been to grow their workforce to manage the flourishing trend of urban travel. And that's exactly what they've done. With the introduction of Teamtailor, Voi have increased company size drastically year on year, whilst showcasing the 'Voi vibe' on their unique career site.

In 2021, Voi grew to an impressive 57,000 candidates in their database which is growing rapidly. Using Teamtailor has eased remote recruiting for Voi, after hiring 197 people in 2020, a 65% increase in their overall workforce that took the total number of employees to almost 500. With 50 nationalities that make up Voi's workforce, the aim now is to build on their D&I initiatives with Teamtailor's anonymous hiring feature.

Voi | E-scooters and e-bikes for hire Founded - 2018
Employee Size - 1000+
Industry - Consumer Services
Location - Stockholm, Sweden

Who are Voi?

As a fast-growing European electric scooter company based in Sweden, Voi is rapidly changing the way we commute in urban areas, simply by scanning a QR code. Voi now operates in more than 50 cities across 11 countries and has over 6 million regular users.

Their goal is to give power to citizens in urban areas by creating the freedom of movement in a safe, accessible and environmentally friendly way. The Voi vibe "At Voi, you are a part of a team and a family. We know that some of the greatest creations in human history were built by a group, not a single individual".

We chatted with Steve Jacobs, People and Talent Leader at Voi, about their rapid growth and the key aspects of their recruitment process.

What were your recruitment challenges prior to Teamtailor?

During Voi's inception in 2018, we started using Teamtailor in order to fulfil our primary goal of growing exponentially. Due to the nature of Teamtailor's system, we saw it as a perfect solution for SMBs. This required hiring employees who had experience in using applicant tracking systems and therefore training HR teams to use the system.

We would ensure key features such as triggers were being fully utilised in the recruitment process. As a data-driven company, we were also looking to improve reporting capabilities and track key recruitment statistics.

Why did you choose Teamtailor?

I had worked with a range of ATSs beforehand but many people had been telling me that Teamtailor was great specifically for employer branding. I also really enjoyed the ease of use and the appearance of the system as a whole.

The candidate journey is very important to me, how they enter the ATS, how they exit the ATS and everything in between. Your ATS reflects the culture and attitude of your company and if the candidate is not having a good time on the platform, it puts me off the company completely.

"I have been so impressed with Teamtailor. We are a hyper growth company and TT have been able to sustain our growth and help us improve our processes to ensure efficiency and effectively hire talent to timescales. The team is super happy with the platform as well as the customer service (1st class response time)!"

- Steve Jacobs, People and Talent Leader at Voi

How has your experience been with Teamtailor so far?

It's been great - I love the flexibility and customisable aspect. In a scale-up where things are always changing and moving rapidly, your tech platforms need to be able to move and adapt with you - I think Teamtailor certainly ticks this box.

After implementing Teamtailor, we have developed an 'own it' culture where hiring managers have pride in taking responsibility for their respective jobs, avoiding crossovers and ensuring all candidate information is accessible and stored efficiently. Our process now is is very clear cut. We have a recruiting playbook that our teams follow, which enables us to communicate and collaborate effectively via our ATS, as opposed to over email or another platform.

Our teams also use the analytics function a lot. At the moment, our goal has been to actively reduce our time to hire and our analytics very much enable us to work towards this. I also find tracking our source of hire beneficial. For example, if I know that 70% of our traffic is from Indeed, we can spend more on paid ads for these kind of channels. Similarly, it's extremely useful to know how many applications we receive through desktop or mobile, as we can then work on improving the user experience in these areas.

Would you recommend Teamtailor?

Without a doubt. Teamtailor makes my life easier in how seamless everything is with integrations such as Hibob, Enboarder and Alva Labs. My time management has improved drastically as a result.

Teamtailor is also great for any company that prioritises their employer branding. This has been a major focal point for us and a strong contributor to our rapid growth. We have constructed a modern and engaging career site, which showcases both our frontline and office staff.

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